December 19, 2018 Nicholas Fogg 0Comment

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The data of 500 million customers of the Marriott hotel giant were hacked last September. And for the United States. it is hackers in the service of the Chinese government who are responsible.

The United States and China, “it’s complicated”

While reacting to articles implicating China in this case, the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reacted Wednesday the Fox channel. “Our relationship with China is complicated,” he said, claiming that some of his hackers “are spying and influencing here in the United States.”

The hotel giant’s database, whose piracy was made public at the end of November, contained the names, possibly the contact details, and sometimes also the credit card and passport numbers of half a billion customers.

Charges of Chinese hackers planned

Mike Pompeo also said that Donald Trump’s government was working to “ward off these Chinese threats to America.” According to the New York Times , Washington plans to soon indict Chinese hackers working for the intelligence services or the army of their country, and to impose restrictions on the importation of technological equipment.

In addition, security firm McAfee said Wednesday have detected attempts to intrude into 87 companies related to the nuclear, military, energy or financial sectors, around the world, but particularly in the United States.