The elephant in the living room is called China

December 19, 2018 Nicholas Fogg 0Comment

The elephant in the living room, hardly anyone wants to talk about, is called China. The states of Europe have mutually destroyed each other in the last century after 500 triumphant years of world domination.

The 530 million Europeans, that is, six percent of the world’s population, and fewer every day, face three billion Asians. China wants to overtake the United States in 2030. The increasingly weakening Europe will then face a new world ruler.

In the renowned German “Wirtschaftswoche”, whose editor-in-chief is Swiss, Beat Balzli, EU Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini comments: “Mao’s grandchildren seem to have an alternative world order as their goal, with China at their center.”

Balzli continues: “In poker for the global pecking order the old world threatens to lose everything.” In the NZZ Feuilleton it says, a little more reserved: “The Asian century dawns up.”

Of course, there can be no question of dawn, because the Chinese are not at the door; we have them in the house. We sold Syngenta to them; many others, smaller companies as well. The two largest Chinese banks have branches in Switzerland.

The “New Silk Road” will certainly also develop a branch in Switzerland. The Geneva-based luxury goods company Richemont, owned by a South African, has brought Keyu Jin, a young Chinese woman, onto the board of directors. In the most recent ICON, a fashion magazine by Axel Springer Switzerland, a Mongolian looks at me on the front page; it is well known that Mongol emperors ruled China for a long time.

But where is our previous protective power?

The US, after the destruction of Native Americans, has since been rebuilt by the White Gentlemen for 250 years. This success culminates in the presidency of Donald Trump, who initiated the decline of US world domination.

The “ruling class” of the ruling WASPS (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) is coming to an end anyway, as the brown-skinned Americans (Latinos and Afro-Americans) will have the majority in the population by 2040 at the latest. The Republicans are already examining how to further restrict the voter turnout of the brown-skinned Americans through new electoral laws.

2.4 million people are already in prisons and are no longer allowed to vote; 80% of them are dark-skinned. This means that even our grandchildren will not be able to rely on the US anymore.

And we? Is not that already true for us?

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, whose successors are raring to go, has called in his recent speech to the European Parliament: “Let us reduce dependence on US financial markets and on the dollar. Only a united Europe can be a global player. “

Who reads the French historian and sociologist Emmanuel Todd, by the way he is the grandson of the living in Paris Swiss writer Paul Nizon, knows that it is Germany that benefits the most from the euro and that draws many people from southern and eastern Europe, so the German Economy has enough workers.

A globally thinking Zurich top manager wrote to me these days: “The classic West would still have a chance to renew itself. But that’s only theoretical, because he will hardly use them. “

Most people in Switzerland are therefore informed unilaterally and wrongly. In our opinion, we should not submit to the EU because it has proven that it can not deliver what is expected of it. But we should acknowledge that the EU and the euro are necessary so that our continent does not break.

But we need to break away from today’s US, which has severely damaged our financial center, threatening our economic location and forcing us to upgrade to the benefit of its Western army, NATO, in the West. And everybody knows that you can not win with the USA. She has lost all wars for sixty years, most recently those in Syria.

We have to get rid of ourselves, as Tito Tettamanti has put it in the new book on Roger Köppel (“In Swimwear by Stalingrad”), the American financial system, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Therefore, we must not despise government leaders like Tayyib Erdogan, who also want that.

And in the south of Europe, Africa is growing rapidly to two billion people. There no head of government wants to keep his refugees back to Europe, because they bring necessary billions from Europe to their villages and families in Africa.

We are now resisting the Africans, as Cameroonian intellectual Achille Mbemba reproaches Europe. Of course I do not want my wonderful grandchildren to be a white minority in a dark Europe in fifty years.

What to do?

Switzerland and European countries need coordination on security and currency issues. We must make all the countries of Central and Eastern Europe our friends, above all Russia.

Eurasia is a continent that has a future. Alibaba, China’s Google, has just opened a Russian arm. The Atlantic Alliance with the US is becoming more meaningless every day. The US does not respect an international institution, as it was built up by Europe.

Trump or his successors will plunge us into futile wars. Chinese want to get rich; We also.

Is Switzerland prepared for this? Our global corporations, from Nestlé to Novartis, are in great numbers. That’s the good news. But there are no more Swiss companies with Swiss interests, but only those with Swiss roots (UBS and CS).

This is the bad news.

Peter Spuhler’s Thurgauer Eisenbahnkonzern is the best example of how risky it is for a large SME to invest at the same time on all world corners. Are our big SMEs doing that?

The Swiss people dream in their feel-good-bliss and believe themselves protected by the Greens and Social Democrats and understood. The FDP, descended to the pure lobbyist party, as the examples of Broulis (Vaud) and Maudet (Geneva) confirm, no longer gives the people their perspective.

Blocher has tried, right or wrong, at least, but he has no real successor and certainly no successor. Pardon, Mme. Martullo.

We have to face the elephant in our living room. He will trample us otherwise. Not us, our children and grandchildren.

My very National-Swiss teacher, formerly General Gustav Däniker, once looked at me desperately and exclaimed: “We have done everything right, but in the wrong direction.”

That’s exactly what can happen to us now. In the east the sun rises, in the west below.