Rosa Díez towards China

December 19, 2018 Nicholas Fogg 0Comment

UPyD spokesperson, Rosa Díez, said Wednesday that the economic model advocated by the PP “is China”, referring to “low salaries and the tremendous precariousness in the midst of corruption,” adding that “that is why they cut back on services and not in superfluous spending “. The growth of macroeconomic parameters has occurred “at the expense of the people”.

Rosa Díez has starred, in Zaragoza, the first session of the cycle ‘Political Scenario-Economic Future’, organized by the Association of Executives and Executives of Aragon (ADEA).

The strike is “insupportable,” said Díez, who has said that “now the Spanish are poorer” and economic recovery is taking place “at the cost of less wages, more taxes and much more precariousness.” In his opinion, “they have stolen our wallet and now they want us to settle for alms.”

The “true recovery” will come “when the Spaniards once again feel ownership of their future, when poverty disappears,” said Díez, adding that “we must continue to reduce the deficit progressively and with sensitivity to those who have suffered.”

He stressed that “no developed country has the unemployment we have” in Spain, throwing in the face PP and PSOE that have not been “able to deal with this problem.”

Faced with this has defended “the equal contract”, which will give “quality employment and training to those who now have neither one thing nor the other”, besides that “prevents fraud and would make Spain a normal, decent country” without the “gap” of unemployment that continues to grow.

Likewise, the leader of UPyD has considered necessary “to continue with the gradual reduction of the deficit, spending more than what we enter makes us dependent and in times of international crisis it can get to strangle our economy”, pointing out that this parameter should not be reduced ” at any price or in anything “and proposing the” integrated management “of Education, health and justice. Public services should not be provided at the lowest cost, but at a “reasonable” cost.

In his opinion, the fiscal policy of the Government of Spain has been “indecent”, in reference to the tax amnesty and the tax burden on the middle class. He has bet to pay according to the real income.

Rosa Díez has supported the new policy of the European Central Bank (ECB). He has advocated reducing costs, increasing revenues and ensuring the availability of financial resources for SMEs, pointing out that if banks want to lend money to companies “they do it fatally”.


Also, Rosa Díez has rejected the Basque concert, the Navarrese financial convention and has emphasized that it is opposed to Catalonia having a “differentiated” tax treatment. The fiscal singularity of the Basque Country and Navarra was included in the Constitution “because it was thought that it was a formula to integrate nationalism and that it was not going to create dysfunctions” but it should be reviewed “in light of its consequences”.

UPyD spokesperson has proposed to undertake “structural reforms, deep, starting with the territorial model of the State, as it is” unviable “to coexist in the same country federal -autonomic-, confederal -foral- and centralist, in Allusion to the provinces.

He has rejected the agreements with localist formations. On the other hand, he has trusted that UPyD will have a presence in the Aragonese institutions after the regional and municipal elections of May 24.

In Aragon “there are 32 districts, there are a lot of public companies that are giving work to those who were on the lists and did not take the job,” said Rosa Díez.

On the other hand, he has considered that “today a transfer is not necessary” although his party will be “always” willing to speak. He has said that if a transfer is made it must be “based on the interest of the citizens”.


Rosa Díez has encouraged the “disappearance of politicians” institutions starting with the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), the Bank of Spain and all regulatory bodies, to assert that UPyD “we want citizens to regain confidence in institutions “and has considered that” neither out of fear nor out of resignation can we vote for parties corroded by corruption “.

He stressed that “there is no need to diminish officials, parasites must be diminished, positions of trust” because “there are not too many officials in Spain, they are redundant in some places and missing in others”, stressing that “there are not enough officials, there are parasites”.

The head of UPyD has said that, in seven years of operation of his party and 150 public officials, his party has “zero corrupt, zero imputed” and has called for “ending corruption” to end unemployment and poverty .

It has complained that Spain is the only European country that has not carried out a merger of municipalities since the Second World War, which would save 15,000 million, and then criticize the cost of provincial councils, about 6,000 million euros to the year, “that could be allocated to the productive economy, to health, to Education”.

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