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We have made a list of Chinese companies to import , for all people who want to buy Chinese products to sell them.

Import Chinese products with Dealextreme

It is a Chinese online store that sells products of different categories. From this online store, you can buy electronics, products for the home, products for sports and beauty.

The great advantage of this online store is that it also has warehouses in Europe, Australia and the United States, so if you choose to send it from a nearby warehouse, you can avoid problems with Customs and shipping time.

Import Chinese products with Aliexpress

Aliexpress is not an online store, like the previous example. Aliexpress a platform like Ebay, but it is formed by suppliers, distributors and manufacturers. With Aliexpress you can get very low prices at wholesale prices.

Currently it has become a very popular page, for the purchase of clothes, but you can find products of all kinds and ready to import.

Import Chinese products with Alibaba

Alibaba is the online company, most important to import products. Almost anything that can be purchased is available in this web service.

It has the suppliers classified by different levels, so that buyers can make purchases with more confidence.

Apart from being able to buy all kinds of products, such as electronics or fashion, it has become one of the best platforms to buy all kinds of industrial parts and machinery, for companies.

What are the disadvantages of importing Chinese products?

One of the biggest drawbacks is that the package is stopped at customs and the corresponding taxes and administrative expenses have to be paid.

Another drawback of importing Chinese products, is that they do not follow some regulations, such as in Europe, so the return policies are less secure and are part of the image that the Chinese store or seller wants to give.

What happens if I’m stopped by a package from China?

You will have to pay the corresponding taxes of the country to which you arrive, the taxes of fees and maybe the administration expenses.

What is better than normal shipping or express?

It is popularly known that normal shipping does not stop as much as express delivery, but for example, a normal shipment can take from two weeks to a month to arrive and an express delivery from one week to three weeks.