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The Advance Payment of the End-of-Service Treatment is a fixed-rate loan for all public and state employees who have just retired. This Loan is guaranteed by the assignment with recourse of the credits deriving from the TFS accrued, which the customer can claim from the Pension Authority. The bank anticipates the sum that the Pensioner will have to receive after 12/24 months from the termination of the relationship . There will be no monthly payment, expenses and interest will be reduced in a single solution, with the addition of a fixed rate that is usually around 5%. This form of financing is particularly convenient for the Pensioner, in fact it can also take place in the presence of other loans or loans active in your name.

Here are the advantages:

  • Free consultation without obligation;
  • Collect the TFS in a single solution and in a short time;
  • Fast financing without having to wait for the time required by INPS ;
  • Also in the presence of other loans in progress;
  • No guarantor is needed , as the Pension Authority will guarantee for you.