Advance Payments Processing

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The Advance Payment of the End-of-Service Treatment is a fixed-rate loan for all public and state employees who have just retired. This Loan is guaranteed by the assignment with recourse of the credits deriving from the TFS accrued, which the customer can claim from the Pension Authority. The bank anticipates the sum that the Pensioner will have to receive after 12/24 months from the termination of the relationship . There will be no monthly payment, expenses and interest will be reduced in a single solution, with the addition of a fixed rate that is usually around 5%. This form of financing is particularly convenient for the Pensioner, in fact it can also take place in the presence of other loans or loans active in your name.

Here are the advantages:

  • Free consultation without obligation;
  • Collect the TFS in a single solution and in a short time;
  • Fast financing without having to wait for the time required by INPS ;
  • Also in the presence of other loans in progress;
  • No guarantor is needed , as the Pension Authority will guarantee for you.

List of Chinese companies to import

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We have made a list of Chinese companies to import , for all people who want to buy Chinese products to sell them.

Import Chinese products with Dealextreme

It is a Chinese online store that sells products of different categories. From this online store, you can buy electronics, products for the home, products for sports and beauty.

The great advantage of this online store is that it also has warehouses in Europe, Australia and the United States, so if you choose to send it from a nearby warehouse, you can avoid problems with Customs and shipping time.

Import Chinese products with Aliexpress

Aliexpress is not an online store, like the previous example. Aliexpress a platform like Ebay, but it is formed by suppliers, distributors and manufacturers. With Aliexpress you can get very low prices at wholesale prices.

Currently it has become a very popular page, for the purchase of clothes, but you can find products of all kinds and ready to import.

Import Chinese products with Alibaba

Alibaba is the online company, most important to import products. Almost anything that can be purchased is available in this web service.

It has the suppliers classified by different levels, so that buyers can make purchases with more confidence.

Apart from being able to buy all kinds of products, such as electronics or fashion, it has become one of the best platforms to buy all kinds of industrial parts and machinery, for companies.

What are the disadvantages of importing Chinese products?

One of the biggest drawbacks is that the package is stopped at customs and the corresponding taxes and administrative expenses have to be paid.

Another drawback of importing Chinese products, is that they do not follow some regulations, such as in Europe, so the return policies are less secure and are part of the image that the Chinese store or seller wants to give.

What happens if I’m stopped by a package from China?

You will have to pay the corresponding taxes of the country to which you arrive, the taxes of fees and maybe the administration expenses.

What is better than normal shipping or express?

It is popularly known that normal shipping does not stop as much as express delivery, but for example, a normal shipment can take from two weeks to a month to arrive and an express delivery from one week to three weeks.

Correctly-political wall poems: Autumn in Beijing 2017

Eugen Gomringer is a Bolivian-Swiss writer, known primarily as a poet. Concrete poetry or visual poetry are the keywords here. What the Austrian painter Heinz Gappmayr did in the visual arts, namely to bring surfaces and words into a relationship, Gomringer prepared for poetry. Speech in the text is not merely immaterial, so that when we read it we hear sounds in our heads to which we give meaning and meaning, but the word as a material form also rests on a surface.

In 2011, Gomringer was awarded the Alice Salomon Poetics Prize 2011 – not world famous, but price is price – and a wall poetry has since graced the façade of Alice Salomon College. It is a college in the east of Berlin, in Hellersdorf. Her focus is socio-pedagogical: social work, health, education and training. On the facade is:

avenidas y flores

flores y mujeres

avenidas y mujeres

avenidas y flores y mujeres y
un admirador

One can translate this poem into German, but I consider it pointless, because by transferring the sound is lost, and if one thinks the few terms from Spanish to German, it is just as without translation.

Nevertheless, the Asta of the Alice Solomon College translates because it does not rely on the power of language, but on the power of extermination. The poem should be gone, it is misogynistic.

“A man who looks at the streets and admires flowers and women. Not only does this poem reproduce a classic patriarchal art tradition in which women are only the beautiful muses that inspire male artists to do creative work, it is also reminiscent of the sexual harassment that women experience everyday. “

One might think that these phrases came in their zeal as a kind of joke from Eckhart Henscheid’s “trilogy of running nonsense”. But they are not taken from there. They come from the Asta, written out of anonymity, of course, without concrete persons willing to stand for the destruction of art. Only in a call for the redesign of the facade sign a Lotte, a Marie and a * x Aiko vom Asta.

Today it is dangerous to do art. With that you, good poor artist, hypocrite lecteur, mon semblable, mon frère !, are faster at the stake of the new Inquisition than you can count to three. The author of “A une Passante” would presumably, if it were up to these people, in a prison. If only because he only kept the word to fraternity.

Such censoring and eradication of art and context has method. Already in Orwells “1984” we read of that Ministry of Truth, which describes the history and tradition of works of art, just as the censor in dictatorships at high behest eradicates unwanted persons from photographs.

The “Time” last week titled an essay on the making art as follows: “***** it starts with”. Sensibelchen, who get an excited whooping cough with language difficulty in the Negro. In terms of language philosophy, however, in the sense of Donald Davidson, it is interesting from which number of stars the reader no longer understands a concept in its meaning. Hanno Rauterberg recorded in the “Zeit” this observation of the history triggers in relation to the Kunsthalle Bremen: she “explores her colonial history in a courageous exhibition. The result is devastating. “

What I thought was a bad joke ten years ago, which I joked about and thought it would be politically correct in all delusion, if not, it would be a joke to rewrite the little white tablets on which the work title stands – here in Bremen the inaccessible event and also done:

“To make matters worse, Nolde spoke of” natives “and thus dubbed the watercolors. This term was “applied in the context of enslavement and colonialism but only on subject societies outside Europe,” says the exhibition, which is why in the museum only of E *********** may be mentioned.


The situation is similar with the coffee garden on the Weser by Elisabeth Perlia, because here a “stimulant from distant countries, mostly produced by underpaid labor” is obviously enjoyed “unconcerned by global trade history”. The painter shows “drinking coffee as part of the white identity”.

These texts were created in cooperation with the local university in Bremen, they are the responsibility of the anthropologist Julia Binter, who was specially brought to Bremen as a curator. In the midst of the debate surrounding the Humboldt Forum in Berlin, she pleads for a radical decolonization of museums in her exhibition: recognize your guilt and draw the lessons from it, call it to the visitors. Finally, let’s end with racism, exoticism and exclusion.

Therefore, the Negro girl, a watercolor by Anita Rée, now only N **** girls called. “

Julia Binter should have been left where she came from – in the academic jungle of German middle-class women. I therefore cited the passages so extensively in order to make the spirit of this policy of mind more comprehensible: how a meaningful intuition turned into the absurd. Almost one could get the impression that in Bremen and in the case of the Asta-Hellersdorf certain circles wanted to ride a really good thing ridiculous. Yes, it is best that peoples and cultures, husband, wife, gender and genders do not exist in art and life. So it would have the evangelicals of the new Butler mainstream best, best of all no tangible things that could be misinterpreted and that a too delicate temper like Lotte, Marie and Aiko vom Asta, if not triggern might. Recently I read in a blog that publishers but please attach a content warning on appropriate books. And that was not meant as a joke and this has meanwhile system:

“The publisher could list Content Warnings in the first few pages, or before the story begins, it can point to one of the last pages of Content Warning. You should also be able to find these content warnings through various online bookstores.

Lotte, Marie and Aiko vom Asta wrote for the new Beijing house wall in Hellersdorf: “So be creative, brainstorm together and let’s make a great transformation! love, … “, they affectionately wrote their call for art destruction.

The creativity of these people presumably looks like the burka. Same sex, no apparent difference, nothing that stands out, even Mao’s ant-coat, which was forced to carry a whole people, on the other hand, seem like a piece of hard-won sovereignty. Burkas on statues, about works of art, about every emotion and statement. And since gender is, according to Judith Butler, a social construction, we can abolish it right away, because it perpetuates the discourse of violence. Without further ado, this self as leftist collective abandons all materialism.

This new animosity, including iconoclasm, in evangelical tradition, is appalling, we had it with the iconoclasts of the Reformation, today it is critical whiteness and a certain faction from the House of Gendergaga. Especially amusic. Not in the least comprehending the content of this poem.

Anyone who still wants to remove wall poetry after this recitation, and especially after this interpretation of the poem, has understood nothing of art and lays the (seemingly) good attitude above every stimulus. Worse, however, than those people from the Asta is the university administration, which has conceded the pressure. What cowards! Even though university rector Uwe Bettig criticizes the removal: There are certainly internal ways to prevent it. Starting with a small safety inspection of the coffee machines in the student café of the Asta. Quite apart from the question of the legal legitimacy of the Asta.

No, that’s not how it works. The poem remains, and we should consider whether, when the poem is removed, we openly call for protest and prevent the elimination by means of space occupation and aesthetic intervention. As soon as it is painted over: intervene. In the tradition of Beuys or Schlingensief. It will be time to stand up to these forces, and as is always required from the left: here civil courage is required, for this lap is fruitful! But you probably will not be allowed to say lap at Butler’s Gendergaga because the term comes from the heteronormative matrix. Wicked cunt, poor Brecht!

Inland Revenue goes against Chinese Amazon dealers

The tax office in Neukölln has confiscated the stocks and balances of Chinese traders on and blocked their merchant accounts on the platform. Earlier, Amazon Germany had contacted the relevant dealers and suggested that the German tax authorities could act against VAT fraud, reported Chinese media. The report apparently caused panic among Chinese traders. It should come to mutual denunciations, which is why the tax affair could draw more circles.

In the Berlin tax office should actually register all online retailers who sell goods from China to Germany. But obviously only a few do. At Amazon’s German marketplace and Ebay, up to 6000 Chinese vendors are said to be frolicking, blogger Mark Steier calculated, formerly on Ebay himself as a “Platinum Powerseller” active. In fact, just 432 online retailers based in the People’s Republic and Hong Kong should be registered for VAT in Neukölln. That does not mean that they pay all taxes. More than 90 percent of the providers can therefore show no German VAT number. Their sales flow so far safe tax-free on the Treasury. In Neukölln, nine tax officials are trying to find sinners in detective work.

How parcel services exploit their employees

Parcel couriers complain about bad wages and too much overtime. A look into the German working world at the bottom. By Michael Kläsgen and Thomas Öchsner more …

The state escapes through VAT fraud estimated revenue of up to one billion euros per year. Ascending trend. Germans are buying more and more goods online; Online shopping at Christmas broke all records. Most of them were handled through The group has a monopoly on the Internet and knows about the massive sales tax fraud.

But he cares little about it. As early as 2016, Amazon Germany was targeted by the investigators. At that time, the investigators searched several logistics centers and the Germany headquarters in Munich. There was a suspicion of sales tax fraud, but not by Amazon itself. The Group avoids the possibility of paying taxes in Germany, but sales tax fraud is not accused him, but only some marketplace dealers. Therefore, Amazon is suspected of at least tolerating the illegal practice.

A tax threshold is used

The company rejects the charge. The mail order company argues that the traders would have to pay the sales tax themselves. Some lawyers see in the worst case, aid to tax evasion. But that does not appeal to Amazon. Despite the raid one and a half years ago, Amazon has not changed its lax approach. The US company argues that dealers are “required to be independent entities to fulfill their tax obligations”. Amazon has no authority to review their tax matters, says a spokesman. The Group only reacts when “we receive information that a seller is failing to fulfill his tax obligations”. That means: Amazon acts only if the investigators have uncovered the fraud anyway. And even then, the corporation applies only “processes” to counter the fraud, but does not check every single case. That would be much more complex and the group probably too expensive.

The state demands the legislature. “Platform operators must be in the fiscal liability,” says the head of the German tax union, Thomas Eigenthaler. The country finance ministers want to propose a law this spring, which is intended to take portals like in the liability; earlier than the EU plans so far. In Europe, the import of goods with a value of up to 22 € is currently VAT exempt. This exemption limit is often exploited by declaring a lower value. The EU finance ministers therefore decided to overturn the 2021 threshold. In addition, the platform operator should be treated as a seller of goods in sales tax. This is the duty of the platform for the correct payment of the tax. Currently, authorities often can not hold anyone responsible for the payment. The traders are usually not available in non-EU countries. From the point of view of the German Trade Association (HDE), the new rules provide more international fairness. HDE Chief Executive Stefan Genth says: “Anyone who sells goods in this country must also pay the correct sales tax, which is the only way to ensure fair competition in the marketplace.” The honest taxpayers among the companies must not be the losers.”

In Vietnam, profession: rescuer of “fiancées” sold in China

Two girls are coming out of a hairdressing salon running towards a car chartered by an “anti-kidnapping” brigade trying to exfiltrate the thousands of young Vietnamese who are forcibly married or reduced to prostitution in China.

Filmed by a member of the small Vietnamese NGO ” Blue Dragon.“, the scene is set in a Chinese city on the border with Vietnam. The two Vietnamese teenagers worked there as sex slaves in a brothel and were able to thwart the surveillance of their guardians to join their saviors.

The members of ” Blue Dragon “, an NGO based in Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital, know that they take risks. Their address is also kept secret.

For besides the revenge of dispossessed husbands, the trafficking of Vietnamese ” fiancées ” is a market that generates tens of millions of euros. ” And no one wants to see his + business + ruined, ” told AFP in Hanoi a member of Blue Dragon, under cover of anonymity to avoid retaliation.

The Chinese market is indeed in unrestrained search for these ” fiancées “, transported from various countries of South-East Asia, to compensate the deficit of women due to the policy of the only child.

– 400 survivors –

Since 2007, Blue Dragon has managed to flee some 400 women who were sexually enslaved or forcibly married in China. A drop of water.

Estimates show that hundreds of thousands of poor women in Viet Nam, Cambodia, Burma and Laos were trafficked into a better life in China when they were not simply kidnapped.

Given the magnitude and difficulty of the task, Blue Dragon, who lives on private donations, does not despair. ” Imagine that your child will not come home at dinner time, what would you do? ” Says the same Blue Dragon activist.

The work of the association is known by word of mouth in the poor villages of Vietnam affected by the phenomenon, in the north border of China but not only.

Desperate relatives call the association to ask for help to locate missing girls.

Often too, it is the victims themselves who come into contact with the association from China, sending messages to WeChat or calling, when they manage to get their hands on a phone.

” I was kidnapped by traffickers in China, help me, ” said one in a text message consulted by AFP. ” I pray for a miracle to happen, ” said another.

Once a girl has been spotted, she begins a long process of investigation and cross-checking by the NGO, which can take months to complete.

One of them, intended for a forced marriage, thus pretended to be sick in order to be hospitalized. From there, she was able to call Blue Dragon, who organized her evacuation from China.

Another, held captive in a brothel, managed to contact the NGO stealing the cell phone of one of its customers.

Blue Dragon manages to perform up to eight rescue missions a month, far from honoring the dozens of desperate calls received at the same time.

” If we do not manage to get them out of there, they are stuck, enslaved, ” says Michael Brosowski, the Australian founder of Blue Dragon.

– Traffickers prosecuted –

Her NGO, the only one doing this work in Vietnam, has created a shelter for young women with nowhere to go when they return from China.

Blue Dragon is also trying to prosecute human traffickers, a crime punishable by 20 years in communist Vietnam.

In the last five years, the NGO has been happy to have dragged 76 of them to court in Vietnam.

Among them, the boyfriend of Trang, the young woman whose escape via a hairdresser was filmed by the NGO.

The fugitive was offered nearly 2,000 euros – a large sum in Vietnam – in exchange for her silence at the trial of her ex-boyfriend, who had sold her to traffickers in China, in the Hunan region.

She refused and the ex-boyfriend was sentenced in August to seven years in prison.

” In Hunan, my soul was in pain, now I’m coming back, ” says the young woman, who now works in a restaurant in Hanoi.

Huawei case: the history of the Canada-China conflict

Two weeks that tension is rising between China and Canada. Following the arrest on December 1 of one of China’s Huawei leaders in China, Chinese authorities arrested two Canadian nationals in the country. On the one hand, suspicions of fraud on the part of the United States and on the other side of the “threats of state security”, the two cases could have no connection. And yet, China’s threats and silences to Canadian authorities indicate very strongly retaliation. To unravel this case, L’Express returns to the successive events of the past two weeks.

The Arrest of Meng Wanzhou

On December 1, Huawei’s chief financial officer, in transit between flights, was arrested at the Vancouver airport upon US demand. Meng Wanzhou is also the daughter of the founder of the Chinese telecom giant, which US intelligence agencies report as linked to the Chinese government. She is suspected of fraud to circumvent the American sanctions against Iran, and the American justice demands its extradition. According to the Canadian media La Presse , this request could take months or even years to be executed, but the Chinese leader incurs more than 30 years in prison in the United States.

China, however, does not hear it that way. The Chinese government accuses Canada of not informing the Chinese consulate immediately, which is a violation of the bilateral agreement between the two countries. Upon the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, Beijing threatens Ottawa with “grave consequences” if it does not immediately release and summons successively the ambassadors of Canada and the United States.

China Retaliates

On Tuesday, December 11, while Minister Wang Yi denounces the conditions of detention of the Chinese leader, who suffers from health problems including high blood pressure, he announced that “China will never remain idle in the face of ill-treatment. arbitrarily undermine the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens “.

On the same day, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirms the arrest in China of a Canadian national, which took place the day before. This is Michael Kovrig, a former diplomat who has worked for the Canadian Embassy in Beijing and works in Hong Kong for the NGO International Crisis Group (ICG). He is a specialist in foreign policy and security issues, particularly on the Korean peninsula.

For some international experts, the link between the arrest of Meng Wanzhou and Michael Kovrig is obvious. It has “no coincidence,” says former ambassador to China Guy Saint-Jacques, for whom Beijing is trying to pressure Ottawa. Especially since the Chinese authorities do not immediately give the reasons for the arrest of Michael Kovrig, and communicate their information only dropper. A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry only implies that the arrest could be linked to the activities of the NGO in which Michael Kovrig works. The organization would not have correctly declared its activities in China, while the law is very strict for foreign NGOs.

Donald Trump Tries to Reassure

In this already tense affair, Donald Trump intervenes like a hair in the soup. The day of the announcement of the arrest of Michael Kovrig in China, he tries to calm the game by saying that he could pass over the US justice and intervene in the case of Meng Wanzhou, to preserve the negotiations between China and the United States . “All that is good for this country, I would do it,” he told Reuters, adding that the planned deal with China “will certainly be the largest trade agreement ever concluded.”

But Justin Trudeau brushes off these statements by reaffirming Canada’s commitment to the rule of law. “Whatever happens in other countries, Canada will always be a country that respects the law,” he told reporters.

Meng Wanzhou released on Bail

On Wednesday, December 12, Meng Wanzhou is released on bail for 6.6 million euros. She must return her two passports, stay in one of her two Vancouver residences, wear an electronic anklet, be constantly monitored and limit her movements in the Vancouver area, says the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail . His first extradition hearing was scheduled for 6 February.

During the day, however, Canada is concerned about the disappearance of another of its nationals in China. He contacted Canadian diplomacy after being questioned by the Chinese authorities, and the Chinese authorities have not heard from him since.

Second Canadian Arrested

The answer to Canadian questions fell on Thursday. China has confirmed that the missing Canadian, Michael Spavor, was arrested, along with his compatriot Michael Kovrig, on suspicion of “activities threatening his national security”. The Government indicates that it has taken “coercive measures” against them.

Michael Spavor is an entrepreneur who helps organize trips to North Korea. He made his name by helping former American basketball player Dennis Rodman travel to Pyongyang in 2013 and 2014. He himself met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, according to official North Korean media photos. A media source in the provincial government of Liaoning, where the Canadian lives, said Michael Spavor was “investigated” by the Dandong (Liaoning) office of the Ministry of State Security.

China is destined for the German auto industry

The numbers are huge, as so often when it comes to China: Already in the People’s Republic far more than 20 million cars are sold per year. 30 million new registrations are only a matter of time. Maybe 2025? “That’s almost the day after tomorrow,” says Audi CEO Rupert Stadler. By comparison, in Germany about three million cars are sold each year. “There are 14 million pieces in Europe, so we’re talking twice about Europe,” says Stadler. “China is and remains the key market par excellence.”

In fact, nowhere is the German automotive industry selling more. In the VW Group, there are four out of ten cars. At BMW and Daimler, dependencies are almost equally high. A weakness in China, that can no longer afford today. Correspondingly large is the casserole at the Beijing Auto Show. And all behave accordingly.

In addition to Audi CEO Stadler, the new group boss Herbert Diess also traveled to Volkswagen, with several board members in tow. It was the first visit abroad for Diess, after he had taken over the post of VW CEO Matthias Müller last week. Under Diess’ leadership, Volkswagen plans to spend 15 billion euros on future projects such as electromobility or autonomous driving together with local Chinese partners over the next four years.

China opens its car market

So far, foreign manufacturers have to cooperate with Chinese companies. This constraint should be eliminated. At first companies such as Tesla should profit. By Christoph Giesen and Max Hägler more …

The plans of Audi are also ambitious. In the next five to six years, the VW subsidiary plans to double its sales in China to about 1.2 million vehicles, announces Audi CEO Stadler. Above all the so-called premium manufacturers, one believes in Ingolstadt, will grow in the coming years. So far, about ten percent of cars sold in China belong to the high-priced segment. In Europe, there are currently 15 percent. The hope is that China will gradually adjust to Europe. This thesis is supported by the announcement by China’s party leader Xi Jinping to lower import tariffs for cars. So far, 25 percent are due.

Affected are mainly expensive sedans and SUVs. When exactly, and what percentage of tariffs will ultimately be reduced, however, is still unclear. In the industry vague the summer is called as an appointment. Then more cars could be imported from Europe – a lucrative business for manufacturers. But until the time has come, orders will be reduced. Many potential buyers are delaying the purchase of an import car to pay less.

Since 1994 manufacturers have had to partner with a local partner

Duty-free are only cars that are made in China. Since 1994 manufacturers have been required to partner with a local partner and operate a joint venture. The foreign manufacturers may not hold more than half of the shares in these joint ventures. However, a few days before the beginning of the fair, the government in Beijing announced that it would abolish the forced partnerships. In the business with commercial vehicles, the limit for investments in 2020 should be dropped, for passenger cars 2022 – for electric cars already this year. For the German manufacturers, however, this has no effect at first.

“Everything that concerns conventional drives up to 2022, we first discuss with our existing partners,” says Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche. And Audi Chairman Stadler adds: “We will stick to our strategy, which we set up with our joint venture partners.” BMW is currently working on a new joint venture with the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall. In cooperation, electric minis are to be built. In principle, BMW could build the electric cars alone, as the restrictions already fall this year. “We will do a joint venture there,” says BMW CEO Harald Krüger nonetheless. Just do not offend, just do not make mistakes, that’s the motto of the manufacturer.

How far that can go, showed mid-February Daimler. “Look at a situation from all angles, and you will become more open”, with this quote from the hated by the Chinese leadership Dalai Lama, the group had promoted a coupe. What followed was a kowtowing. In a letter to the Chinese ambassador in Berlin, Daimler CEO Zetsche and his governor in Beijing, Hubertus Troska, asked for forgiveness “for the pain and grief” caused to them by the “negligent and tactless error of the Chinese people”. A little bit covered? As “appropriate”, Troska defends the reaction of his group.

Uncovered a new method of laundering money by selling luxury items used by Chinese entrepreneurs

Agents of the National Police and the Tax Agency have uncovered a novel method of money laundering through the sale of luxury items through the system ‘daigou’, with which some Chinese businessmen avoid paying taxes in Spain using intermediaries to change of economic compensations.

According to a police statement, the investigations, which began in November 2016, show that the intermediaries, called ‘daigou’ or ‘shoppers’, are Chinese citizens residing outside their country and engaged in the online sale of luxury products. . They receive money in cash that is not taxed by Chinese businessmen based in Spain and with that money they obtain luxury items that they later sell in China.

To do this, they visit luxury establishments and obtain photographs of the articles, then expose them in personal accounts of well-known social networks in the Asian country for sale between individuals. Thus, they contact potential buyers, residents in China, who later pay the product in ‘yuan’ through online payment platforms.

The products are sent personally by tourists or relatives of the buyers who return to their country. Through this type of commercial transaction the ‘daigou’ can obtain economic benefits in three different ways: selling the item at a higher price than the one acquired in the establishment in Spain; claiming the VAT refund of the products purchased; or by means of the currency exchange when the payment is made through online payment platforms, marking a yuan / euro exchange rate higher than that quoted in the financial market.

Finally, the ‘daigou’ enters the money provided for the purchase of luxury items in a current account in China in the name of the entrepreneur residing in Spain who initially gave him the money in cash. The transfer is made between two current accounts located in the People’s Republic of China. This type of transaction is called hawala and is not officially registered, so it violates established legal channels and causes a damage to the State coffers.


The investigations began in November 2016 after discovering that several Chinese businessmen living in Spain avoided paying taxes to the Public Treasury by sending the profits obtained in our country using the ‘daigou’ as intermediaries.

Thus, within the framework of the ‘Shopping’ operation, 104 arrests were made, 19 house searches in Seville, Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca, Alicante, Valencia, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Tenerife, A Coruña, Guipúzcoa, Vizcaya, Burgos and Torremolinos (Málaga), as well as 15 records in companies and industrial warehouses located mostly in the Cobo Calleja estate of Fuenlabrada (Madrid).

In addition, the researchers intervened more than 2.5 million euros in cash, 12 vehicles, innumerable luxury items of first commercial brands, electronic storage devices, relevant documentation and a multitude of counterfeit effects related to electronics and telephony.

Accused of racism in China, Dolce & Gabbana apologize

The brand had published short videos on social networks, which Chinese Internet users have very badly received.

“We want to say to all the Chinese around the world, and there are many, how sorry we are, and we take this apology and this message very seriously.” This Friday, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce, founder of the Dolce & Gabbana brand, apologized to the Chinese people on the Weibo social network.

In recent days, they were at the heart of a controversy involving racist videos and emojis shaped excrement .

Clichés and condescension

Upstream of a parade planned in China this Wednesday, the Italian brand has posted on Instagram short promotional videos. These clips showed a woman with Asian features, who clumsily tries to eat a pizza or spaghetti with chopsticks, under the direction of a male voice with ironic comments on these “little sticks serving cutlery”.

The reaction of Chinese netizens, immediate, was not that expected by the manufacturer. In particular, they criticized the choice of actress and set, which they considered as crude stereotypes about China. The voiceover was also criticized for his condescension.

“Shitty country”

The case exploded when copies of Instagram messages, between a user and Stefano Gabbana, leaked. The latter used emoji excrement to treat China as “shitty country”. A country that still accounts for around 35% of Dolce & Gabbana’s worldwide sales, according to US firm Bain & Company.

The company assured that his account had been, but the damage was done: the parade planned in Shanghai was canceled. The excuse message, generated more than 100,000 comments in three hours on Weibo, did not convince all users. Several sellers in China have also decided to stop selling their products.

US accuses China of piracy of Marriott

Image result for piracy of Marriott

The data of 500 million customers of the Marriott hotel giant were hacked last September. And for the United States. it is hackers in the service of the Chinese government who are responsible.

The United States and China, “it’s complicated”

While reacting to articles implicating China in this case, the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reacted Wednesday the Fox channel. “Our relationship with China is complicated,” he said, claiming that some of his hackers “are spying and influencing here in the United States.”

The hotel giant’s database, whose piracy was made public at the end of November, contained the names, possibly the contact details, and sometimes also the credit card and passport numbers of half a billion customers.

Charges of Chinese hackers planned

Mike Pompeo also said that Donald Trump’s government was working to “ward off these Chinese threats to America.” According to the New York Times , Washington plans to soon indict Chinese hackers working for the intelligence services or the army of their country, and to impose restrictions on the importation of technological equipment.

In addition, security firm McAfee said Wednesday have detected attempts to intrude into 87 companies related to the nuclear, military, energy or financial sectors, around the world, but particularly in the United States.